Voice Authorization Center:

Please contact when your terminal says "Call Center" or when initiating a "Code 10" verification on suspicious transactions:

Visa®/MasterCard: 800-291-4840
American Express: 800-528-2121
Discover Card: 800-291-4840

Have your merchant numbers ready.

Sales Department:

Merchant Accounts, Check Services, Equipment, Gift Cards, Age Verification

Customer Service Department:

Statement & billing questions, batch & deposit information, bank account changes, name changes, additional locations

Technical Support Department

Terminal help desk, adding new card types, repairs

Shipping & Supplies

Paper, Ribbons, Imprinter Slips, Ink, supplies for your POS terminal

Risk Management Department:

Please report any fraudulent sales, suspicious activity, or sales that exceed your processing estimates

Sales Partner Relations Department:

Independent Sales Offices and Agents will have more detailed support and information available. If you do not have access to this system please contact your Relationship Manager.


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